Sunday, June 30, 2013

The TRUTH speaks

Whenever you stand up for something with confidence you will be called arrogant, prideful, brash, cocky, and talked negatively about by even people close to you. That's just they way it is. Just remember, the dogs bark and the caravan rolls on. Don't let them tear you down or discourage you from standing on what you believe. They are just people with weak spirits who are unhappy with themselves and are using you as a pincushion.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Modified corn startch

What is modified corn starch?

Modified corn starch is a food additive which is created by treating starch, causing the starch to be partially degraded. Modified corn starch can be used as a stabilizer, thickening agent, or an emulsifier. Starches may be modified to change texture of a food, increase their stability, decrease viscosity, or to lengthen or shorten gelatinization time.
I try to stay away from this as much as possible as it's not real. I think that anything that is "added" Is probably something we should be eating. Look at cereal for example. Most cereal brands are loaded with sugar and modified corn starch. Modified corn starch is also found in many breads such as white bread, wheat bread etc. I stay away from both as much as possible as the only reason why they have "minerals" and vitamins is because they sprinkle it over the grains.
Is it bad for you?

There does not appear to be any research indicating that modified corn starch is dangerous to our health. However, processed foods, which may be high in sodium, fat, or sugar, often contain modified starches. Consuming too much processed food may be detrimental to health (due to increased intake of sodium, empty calories from sugar, saturated fat, etc).

If it's in processed foods, does that mean all foods with modified corn starch should be avoided?

Great question! The modified corn starch doesn't make the food unhealthy. A lot of foods use this for texture (for yogurt to improve the creaminess) or for instance in salad dressing as an emulsifier to hold it together. It can even be used in frozen foods to prevent condensation/melting, etc.
Again I just avoid it all together.
A food that is natural (from nature- like whole fruits and vegetables) won't have any additives. So these of course are always are BEST choice. But a low fat yogurt that uses modified starch for texture is still healthy since it provides us with protein, calcium, vitamin D, etc. However, if you look at even more natural yogurts, like a Greek yogurt,
you will notice less additives (no modified starch, no HFCS, etc) making it an even more natural, healthier choice.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Chipotle is not healthy

I read an article on CNN stating that Chipotle finally came out of the wood works saying that HALF of their menu is GMO products. Yup that "ALL NATURAL" label was total bogus. Funny since I've had so many people try to convince me to go there saying that it was healthy. it's only reasonably healthy if you get the meat with maybe a taco shell since the wraps are dyed and lettuce. The salsa has over 1,000 MG's of sodium which is half of your daily value. The meat is also loaded with sodium to keep it preserved an average burrito has over 3,000 MG's of sodium. I feel sorry for the people that eat there. I've eaten there a few times, but once every blue moon not like most of the high shoolers who would stop there everyday after class. Be aware of what your eating if it's fast food even if they say it's healthy it typically isn't. If you don't know ASK. Or do some research on what your getting. If you go to their website it will say how much sodium etc. is in every item and it's honestly so high it's almost not believable. Take care of yourself's as always as health should always come first!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chicken Health Benefits

Carbohydrates, Calories and Fat
Chicken is a carbohydrate-free food. According to NutritionData, skinless chicken breast provides the least amount of calories and fat, about 143 calories, 3g total fat and 1g saturated fat for half of a large boneless, skinless breast, or a 95g serving. Dark meat is higher in fat. About 86g of dark meat without skin provides 165 calories and 8g total fat, 2g of which are saturated. This nutrition information is for chicken that has been stewed without added fat.
Chicken is a rich source of two B vitamins: niacin or vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. A 4-ounce portion meets 40 and 16 percent respectively of the recommended daily value, or DV. The most important function of niacin is in helping to release energy from carbohydrates. It also aids in the formation of red blood cells. The best food source of vitamin B6 is poultry. This nutrient performs the same functions as niacin but is also important for protein metabolism, is necessary for proper immune system function and helps produce certain neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals.
A 4-ounce portion of chicken is also rich in two minerals, phosphorus and selenium, meeting 16 and 30 percent of the DV for each, respectively. Phosphorus is essential for healthy, strong bones and teeth and is a part of all cell membranes in the human body. This mineral also helps activate the B vitamins. Selenium is important for immune system function and aids in regulating the thyroid hormone.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and low carb food.( Thus why fitness freaks and bodybuilders eat it heavily) Chicken along with fish and kangaroo are some of the only foods with high protein and low carbs. There's also not a lot of calories. Also very easy to cook and make if you have a George Foreman grill. It's something that I eat everyday.

Monday, June 17, 2013

4 Facts about Coffee

1. When coffee is decaffeinated, They use a solvent to dissolve caffeine containing oils. The Decaffeination is often done by processing companies. And the extracted caffeine is usually sold by the pharmaceutical industry. How is that for being healthy haha.

2. Extensive scientific research has been conducted to examine the relationship between coffee consumption and an array of medical conditions. The general consensus in the medical community is that moderate regular coffee drinking in healthy individuals is either essentially benign or mildly beneficial. In 2012, the National Institutes of Health–AARP Diet and Health Study analysed the relationship between coffee drinking and mortality. They found that the amount of coffee consumed correlated negatively with risk of death, and that those who drank any coffee lived longer than those who did not.[112] However the authors noted, "whether this was a causal or associations finding cannot be determined from our data." A similar study with similar results was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012.[112] Researchers involved in an ongoing 22-year study by the Harvard School of Public Health stated that "the overall balance of risks and benefits [of coffee consumption] are on the side of benefits. All the people who "dog" coffee saying it does more harm than good are condoning coffee by their own "belief" and not facts.

3. An 8-ounce cup of black coffee contains just 2 calories and 0 grams of fat. The same cup of coffee contains tiny doses of calcium for strong bones and potassium to keep your heart beat regular. When you add cream and sugar to a cup of coffee, it increases the fat and calorie content of your drink.

4. The antioxidants that a cup of black coffee contains offers you many protective benefits. A 2006 study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" reports that drinking coffee reduces inflammation levels in your body, which can reduce your risk of heart disease. A 2004 article published in the "Journal of Nutrition" notes that the antioxidants in coffee can help reduce your risk of certain degenerative diseases. The article also reports that the level of antioxidants in coffee is higher than the levels in wine, tea, fruits and vegetables. Coffee might also protect you against Parkinson's disease and Type 2 diabetes, according to

Saturday, June 15, 2013

#1 most motivational song lyrics for the gym

Mudvayne- Determined

If this track doesn't get you pumped up to workout then nothing will.


I'm tired of holdin' up the weight,
the weight of the motherfuckin' world.
All I want is to just get right
We struggle and fight just to get in the grave
That's overflowing.
Clock's ticking on my 15 minutes of fame
Come on now 1 2 3...


I'm flushing the trust of everyone,
stabbing in the back and thinkin' they can break me.
Set my sight can't die until I'm done
Never wanted any more than what I deserve,
better bring it I'm takin' it all.
Fuck an inch 'cause I'm bringin' a mile,
It's on now 1 2 3...


This fire, is growing, it's burning, deep inside of me.
Focused, driven, certain, the way it's got to be


CROOKED (No Trust)
LIAR (Conman)
MENTOR (Taught me everything that I know)


1 2 3 !!!



Friday, June 14, 2013


If your lacking motivation, or need something to get that "push" to do it, Here's some pics that may help. The self is the idea of whom you want to portray and be. You can be as lazy as you want or as busy as you want. "Busy" is a term that is typically overly used so you can get out of doing something. Think about how many times we say we are busy in a day or say no I can't. We lack desire of committing to anything out of fear of failure or because we are unsure of another's intentions and desires. If we never risk we will never know. Somethings in life aren't done by a list or by plan they come out of pure coincidence. But nothing is a coincidence. The mind can make you as miserable as you want and as strong as you want. People and the T.V. (whatever may influence) will say you need to depend on things, but you really don't. You are given everything within yourself the power to think breathe eat etc. ALL you have to do is do it. Learn to conquer and when conquered don't give up. Hope is knowing what it's like to be dashed on the ground. Push the odds, make a dent in this thing they call life, after all it takes no prisoners. Maybe you can motivate someone or make them feel better about themselves. Negativity thrives in this world and it dominates. Don't let it dominate your mind.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 steps to increase your muscle growth

This is everyone's goal, Our society lives by the motto 'bigger is better" well if you live by that then your in the right place. The best way to get bigger actually isn't to workout more but to workout less below I will explain.

1. When you workout everyday your muscles need rest if there not getting rest then they can't grow, But this only applies if you are going to failure. If your not going to failure then your not pressing yourself hard enough. Taking your muscle to failure will breakdown the muscle more and allow it to grow more, but your muscle will need more time to rest so it can grow.

2. Do negative sets. What this you is when you can't do anymore you have someone help you with the weight on the way up, and go very slow on the way down. This rips up the muscle and will make them grow like crazy!

3. Be sure to eat A LOT of protein! A lot of people think they can just eat whatever they want like Penn station, Taco Bell etc. but that's just not the case you need healthy solid protein for your muscles to grow! If your not getting the protein then your muscles wont grow. It's very simple a car doesn't run without gas right? Well same with your muscles they wont grow with out proper fuel.

Monday, June 10, 2013

5 steps to blast your chest

SO it's chest Monday right? Well I got the workout for you!

1. 4 sets of 10 reps on bench press (this doesn't include your warm up sets)

2. 4 sets of 10 reps on Incline dumbbell bench press (again don't include your warm up sets)

3. 4 sets of 10 reps on dumbbell fly's.

4. 4 sets of 10 reps on dumbbell bench press (don't include your warm up sets)

5. Finish your workout with 100 push-ups at a nice slow pace, make sure you feel the burn!.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

4 tips to solves sleeping troubles

If your having troubles sleeping there's plenty of NATURAL and healthy ways to fix your sleeping issue. Many people go straight to the doctor and get prescribed some bullshit sleeping pill that they don't really need which is way over priced and actually harms your health. Here are a few ways to help your sleep without ruining your health.

1. L-tryptophan is a natural amino acid which may help promote sleep! This amino acid was used and still is used by 3 time Mr. Olympian Frank Zane. L-trypthan promotes mood by increasing serotonin in the brain naturally. L-trypthan allows for your body to get more REM sleep which promotes growth and better sleep.

2. Melatonin is naturally found in plants and is secreted from animals. Melatonin is often used to help promote sleep and also promotes REM sleep which allows the body to get better sleep and promotes dreaming.

3. Stop drinking caffeine after six pm. The reason for this is because caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake. It will also disrupt your REM sleep pattern. In America the average person drinks about 200 MG's of caffeine a day. Coffee from Star Bucks and the likes can put a hole in your pocket as well imagine if you took your 3 dollars spent on star bucks everyday that's 21 dollars a week so your spending 84 a month it doesn't seem like a lot but at the end of the year that's a total of 1,0008 a year! Imagine what you could do with that money. Save it and buy something nice.

4. Drink water. Water will help your body remain functional and will make your body not work so hard. Water also promotes proper functions in the brain to promote sleep. If you don't have the water to carry the minerals to the brain then you wont get the nutrients. Remember our bodies are mostly water so when you sweat, after a workout you need to replenish the fluids otherwise you'll get headaches etc. Lack of water may cause stroke, and kidney stones.

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 easy ways to promote fat burning

1. Cut back on junk food and salty food. READ what you are eating! Labels are there for a reason do not assume that the food is okay to eat check for yourself! Some foods have added sodium etc.

2. Cut back on sodium, to cut back on sodium avoid lunch meat which is injected with sodium and other preservatives to keep it fresh.

3. Eat more meals in smaller quantity. If you eat 6 or more meals this will speed up your metabolism and keep it refurbished. Stuffing your self in 3 meals makes your body work harder with burning the fat, carbs, and calories.

4. Cut back on breads and grains. If your not running a marathon there's no reason to eat a ton of grains. Grains are stacked with carbs and carbs are used as an energy source. If your not doing anything of high intensity then chill out on the carb intake.

5. Drink caffeine and water! caffeine is a natural fat burner and even helps cognitive functions, so be sure to get your cup of java in the morning or when you need a boost! Water is good to keep your system going and alert, keeping your body hydrated will make the fat burning process easier!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 reasons why Penn Station isn't a place you want to eat for lunch or dinner

Fries (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 small, Calories: 378, Fat: 26g, Carbs: 33.8g, Protein: 3g

French Fries Small (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 small, Calories: 378, Fat: 26g, Carbs: 33.8g, Protein: 3g

Philly Cheese Steak (Penn Station Subs)
Serving Size: 6 ", Calories: 500, Fat: 24g, Carbs: 42g, Protein: 25g

Medium Fries (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 Medium, Calories: 654, Fat: 45g, Carbs: 58.6g, Protein: 5.3g

6" Philly Cheesesteak W/Mushroom, Onion, Provolone (Penn Station Subs)
Serving Size: 6 " sub, Calories: 495, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g

Philadelphia Cheesesteak W/ Provolone, Onions, Mushrooms, & Peppers (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 small sandwich (8), Calories: 625, Fat: 13g, Carbs: 60g, Protein: 0g

Lemonade (Regular - 16 oz) (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 16 oz, Calories: 141, Fat: 0.1g, Carbs: 36.8g, Protein: 0.1g

6in Italian Sub (Penn Station Subs)
Serving Size: 6 inch, Calories: 738, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g

Small Chicken Teriyaki With Cheese and Onions (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 7 inch, Calories: 503, Fat: 17g, Carbs: 45g, Protein: 0g

Chocolate Chunk Cookie (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 4 oz, Calories: 560, Fat: 32g, Carbs: 64g, Protein: 4g

Chicken Salad Sub, 8 Inch (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 8 inch, Calories: 639, Fat: 29g, Carbs: 65g, Protein: 31g

Chicken Parmesan 7" Sub on White Bread (Penn Station Subs)
Serving Size: 7 " small sub, Calories: 555, Fat: 13g, Carbs: 58g, Protein: 0g

Small Club Sandwich (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 Sub, Calories: 663, Fat: 32g, Carbs: 58g, Protein: 0g

Pizza Sub (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 small, Calories: 589, Fat: 25.3g, Carbs: 58.3g, Protein: 25g

Dagwood: Turkey and Provolone (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 7 ", Calories: 391, Fat: 8.4g, Carbs: 54.8g, Protein: 25.8g

8" Philly Cheese-Steak With Onions, Banana Peppers, Brown Mustard, Provolone (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 8 " Sandwich, Calories: 592, Fat: 19.6g, Carbs: 64.7g, Protein: 35.9g

8' Chicken Teriyaki Sub (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 1 sandwich (13.3oz.), Calories: 596, Fat: 15g, Carbs: 68g, Protein: 26g

Small Artichoke Sub With Mushrooms/No Mayo (Penn Station)
Serving Size: 6 " sub, Calories: 400, Fat: 9.7g, Carbs: 60g, Protein: 0g

Philly Steak and Cheese (10 Inch) (Penn Station Subs)
Serving Size: 1 sandwich, Calories: 596, Fat: 14g, Carbs: 88g, Protein: 50g

* With steak, chicken, sausage, or any veggies, 1 portion (.16 ounces) of the butter flavored oil is placed on the grill, prior to grilling, to ensure they don't stick to the grill. For the above meats also ordered with any combination of vegetables, two portions of the butter flavored oil are placed on the grill, prior to grilling the meats and veggies, to ensure they don't stick to the grill.

1. Over 1000 MG's of sodium MSG in each sub sandwitch for a 6 inch

2. The bread is buttered several times before it is served and has over 400 carbohydrates which is an unreal amount. Unless you're planning on doing an insane 4 hour workout avoid that at all costs.

3. High amounts of fat there's enough fat for an entire day. Also the high amounts of additives isn't good for you health. Like
always everything is okay in moderation, but for future reference your "sub" probably isn't very healthy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The best Running Shoe

When it comes to running shoes there's so many of them in this over saturated market that it becomes over whelming with the amount of advertisement promoting different shoe companies. I've bought a lot of shoes in my time from Nike, ADIDAS, Reebok, Asics, Puma etc. and I must say Puma are by far my favorite shoes! They are best value for sure! I've had my puma's for almost 3 years and still wear them no ware and no tear! I got them for 50$ on sale, very light weight and comfortable. They are also stylish, the ones I bought came in red and lime green, you can't get that color anywhere else unless you customize them at a site like Nike ID which can be very costly. I think Puma's go under the radar as well because everyone think's Nike is the best! Nike's are good for about a year then you have to get a new pair they are cheaply made and not worth the money. People buy them because of the popularity factor. The Puma company even gives you a full money back if you're not satisfied with their product! You honestly can't beat that. The only downside is mine got dirty because they were kind of bright red, but it wasn't anything a washer couldn't resolve. Definitely check them out and see if Puma is a shoe you might like! Very high quality and best value as far as running shoes go!

Monday, June 3, 2013

9 exercises to build great abs

1. 100 sit ups straight

2. 25 weighted leg ups
3. 100 sit ups straight

4. 25 weighted leg ups

5. 15 hanging leg raises

6. 100 sit ups straight

7. 25 weighted sit ups

8. 100 sit ups straight

9. 15 weighted leg ups.

3 reasons why you should ALWAYS eat breakfast

1. Your body needs energy, it's like a car no gas you wont go anywhere same with your body! Your body needs healthy foods to work properly. If your not eating breakfast you'll drag and be tired.

2. Eating breakfast will help you not crave foods later on during the day. Eating a well balanced meal can help balance out blood sugar levels so that you wont crave "sugar" later on in the day.

3. It improves brain power! If you eat breakfast it helps your cognitive function throughout the day. You also wont be thinking about food until lunch time. Eating breakfast may also help you avoid those embarrassing moments at school or work when your stomach begins to growl and everyone looks around like what was that.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why to much sodium is bad for your health

salt is very tasty, just like sugar. The combination of salt, sugar and fat is unbelievably tasty. All mammals have the desire to eat these bad foods.

The amount of salt that is available today, just like the amount of sugar that is available today, is far beyond what we were meant to have in our diets.

Rachel Johnson, professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont in Burlington:

Excess sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body, and that creates an added burden on the heart. Too much sodium will increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease. And, 1 in 3 Americans will develop high blood pressure in their lifetime.

Limiting your sodium is tough because about 75 percent of sodium in Americans' diets comes from processed or prepared foods, not salt that we add at the table. If you're a savvy nutrition label reader, it can be shocking.

Even foods such as breads and cereals can have high amounts of salt. We call it a silent killer because a lot of people don't realize they have high blood pressure.

Marisa Moore, registered dietician and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

The average American eats about 3,400 milligrams sodium a day, but the recommended amount for a healthy person is 2,300 milligrams a day. For people with high blood pressure or diabetes, African Americans, and anyone who is age 51 or older, the daily recommendation is 1,500 milligrams of sodium.

So, most people are consuming double what they need in terms of salt.

For most people, a high sodium diet can lead to retaining fluid. And for some sensitive people, retaining fluid can lead to higher blood pressure, which puts someone at higher risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. Whenever you have a high blood pressure, it causes your heart to have to work a lot harder and it can cause damage to blood vessels and the heart muscle itself.

+ + +

Stephanie Dunbar, registered dietician, director of Nutrition and Medical Affairs at the American Diabetes Association

Excess salt is has been linked to hypertension, and of course hypertension is a risk for heart disease. Some populations of people are very sodium sensitive, meaning when they eat sodium they retain fluid and their blood pressure rises.

There's some research that shows if everybody reduced sodium in their diet, the rates of heart disease in the United States would go way down.

With our current food production it's very difficult to cut out sodium. A slice of bread can have 250 milligrams of sodium alone. Unless you get back to a diet where you're really cooking from scratch, and not using processed foods or canned foods, it's really hard to reach that recommendation.

Salt has been used for hundreds of years as a preservative, and some food makers use it as a flavoring because it's cheaper. It's more expensive to use other herbs and spices to make food taste good better than to add salt.

Mary Ellen DiPaola, outpatient dietitian at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center

Sodium chloride, which we acquire from table salt as well as from salted food products, is required for metabolic functions in the body and helps regulate fluid volume. The issue with sodium is similar to sugar: The average American consumes well above the recommended amount.

If we are consuming fresh, whole and natural foods, sodium intake can be reduced quite easily. Avoiding added salt, soy sauce or other salty condiments will also help reduce total sodium intake. Look for products less than 140 milligrams per serving, which is considered to be low in sodium.

Requesting less sodium added to foods in restaurants is another means to reduce total daily sodium. More importantly, consider cooking at home with fresh foods and low sodium recipes.

And why should you lower sodium intake? Sodium in excess can increase blood pressure in those who have hypertension (high blood pressure), it can make the body retain fluids which may cause swelling in susceptible individuals, and salty foods tend to also be high in total fat and calories – leading to excess total calorie intake, overweight and obesity.

A long term problem related to hypertension is kidney disease, a chronic illness which can lead to kidney failure.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 reasons why Elliptical's are better than running

1. Less wear and tear on your joints and cartilage in your knees and legs. Running on hard surfaces constantly impacts the knees and will cause shin splints over time.

2. Don't have to worry about dodging people while running outside, or people walking on a path.

3. The Elliptical is better for fat burning and will keep your muscles from depleting over time. Long distance cardio will decrease muscle size thus why when you see long distance runners they are much smaller from sprinters.

4. You can have the elliptical in the comfort of your own home where you can watch T.V. . You can't do that when your running outside.

5. The arm motion on the elliptical allows you to work your upper body as well as your lower body while maintaining perfect form. Where as when your running and tired your form gradually get's worse.

Read more about health and nutrition here:
Thought these were healthy foods? Think again!