Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 facts on B vitamins

1. B vitamins help the body produce more energy.

2. B vitamins help with keeping the metabolism high.

3. They help regenerate new cells in your body which help against cancer and other health diseases.

4. They help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

5. They help with mood and keeping your cognitive function where it needs to be and at a "normal on set level.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


L-arginine is a natural amino acid that is found in meat. When L-arginine is supplemented it increases nitric oxide and can increase vascularity when it increases blood flow through out the body as well as give you a relaxed feeling. This amino acid is typically used for high blood pressure.

amino acids


Gym Shark Review

I recently purchased some Gym Shark fitness wear to see if it could live up to all the "hype" it's been getting. My first order was a black v neck and I was impressed It fit very snug and shows off the physique great!I then purchased the LUX track suit with their underwear and I again was not disappointed. The track suit was very snug! I bought an XL for my 6'3 190 frame and it was tight, but not tight to the point I couldn't move or workout. It holds all the heat in and is great for working out in. The sweat pants are also very nice and snug I bought a large for these because I have a small waste, but long legs. The large fit but was a bit loose around the waist. The bottoms give breathing room for your thighs and are very snug around your calves (which is what I like about them) The only real downside to them is how expensive they are (56 euros for each) The underwear was also very comfortable probably more comfortable than Calvin Klein (In my opinion) They come with an excellent waist band that fits like a seat belt also very snug. I went with mediums on these (again small waist) Their sizing is a bit strange as it's a clothing company from the UK, but everything that I've gotten has fit and I haven't had any issues I just recommend ordering a size bigger for the hoodie and for the bottoms a size smaller (unless you like baggy) I recommend this for the Gym freaks that Like to dress in style while going hard in the gym going balls to the wall! Overall I give the company a 4/5

Friday, September 20, 2013

Don't forget LEGS!

Training legs is very important and actually vital for upper body growth! Just because you can't show off your legs as much in public as your arms and chest they are still an important body part to train! One reason is because it will give your upper body rest, but keep your body at work! #2 Training legs will keep your body well balanced. You wont look unportioned. People think they can just go to the gym and do bicep curls and get big. NOT THE CASE! IF TRAINING WAS THAT EASY EVERYONE WOULD DO IT! Do your sets of squats, do your rows and split squats! Be sure to hit the hamstrings and glutes! It's never to late to train legs. Sure your body will be sore the next day, but you wont regret it! It's like math you can't solve an equation without first knowing the formula to solve it. Well legs are your formula it's time to start training them.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The differences in your attitude

Attitude is more important than anything, Don't be indecisive plan ahead, get it done, do it RIGHT the first time and you'll never have to do it again.

Friday, September 6, 2013

lift and let the mind go silent

One of the best stress relieves in life is exercise. It's something that is accessible to everyone. You don't need a gym pass you can walk,run do push ups sit ups in your home or outside for FREE! NO CHARGE! people love free stuff right? SO WHY AREN'T PEOPLE DOING IT!? The reason why is because it's just to damn hard. People want to pop a pill and take a drink to get "results" those don't bring results it's a fantasy myth. You have to get the fabricated idea's that have been fed to you and tormenting your mind out of your head. Everyday you are being exposed to new drugs that "work", but do you believe they work? Do you think they are real? Have you ever read the label of these "magic pills?" Once you buy into their products your sold and usually there's no turning back and it becomes a huge money pit and your still not satisfied because your not eating right and filling your body with "drugs" from companies whom are not regulated by the FDA. There is however healthy none chemically compounded supplements such as amino acids and vitamins which come from natural sources. This far out ways the chemicals that people flood into there body unknowing of what the chemicals they are consuming even do or what the side effects are. READ labels before you eat and take supplements and do your research. Just because it's in a bottle doesn't mean it's good for you. Just because it's in a bottle doesn't mean it's going to do "magic".