Friday, June 14, 2013


If your lacking motivation, or need something to get that "push" to do it, Here's some pics that may help. The self is the idea of whom you want to portray and be. You can be as lazy as you want or as busy as you want. "Busy" is a term that is typically overly used so you can get out of doing something. Think about how many times we say we are busy in a day or say no I can't. We lack desire of committing to anything out of fear of failure or because we are unsure of another's intentions and desires. If we never risk we will never know. Somethings in life aren't done by a list or by plan they come out of pure coincidence. But nothing is a coincidence. The mind can make you as miserable as you want and as strong as you want. People and the T.V. (whatever may influence) will say you need to depend on things, but you really don't. You are given everything within yourself the power to think breathe eat etc. ALL you have to do is do it. Learn to conquer and when conquered don't give up. Hope is knowing what it's like to be dashed on the ground. Push the odds, make a dent in this thing they call life, after all it takes no prisoners. Maybe you can motivate someone or make them feel better about themselves. Negativity thrives in this world and it dominates. Don't let it dominate your mind.

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