Friday, June 21, 2013

Chipotle is not healthy

I read an article on CNN stating that Chipotle finally came out of the wood works saying that HALF of their menu is GMO products. Yup that "ALL NATURAL" label was total bogus. Funny since I've had so many people try to convince me to go there saying that it was healthy. it's only reasonably healthy if you get the meat with maybe a taco shell since the wraps are dyed and lettuce. The salsa has over 1,000 MG's of sodium which is half of your daily value. The meat is also loaded with sodium to keep it preserved an average burrito has over 3,000 MG's of sodium. I feel sorry for the people that eat there. I've eaten there a few times, but once every blue moon not like most of the high shoolers who would stop there everyday after class. Be aware of what your eating if it's fast food even if they say it's healthy it typically isn't. If you don't know ASK. Or do some research on what your getting. If you go to their website it will say how much sodium etc. is in every item and it's honestly so high it's almost not believable. Take care of yourself's as always as health should always come first!

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