Friday, May 25, 2012

I drank yet again another redline for my per-workout yesterday and felt great I ended up doing a lot more cardio then I wanted, ran a total of 6 miles at different times of the day. 2.5 in the morning 2.5 in afternoon then around 1 after my hour long ab workout. I took the off as far as weights go, my arms were very sore and felt like they needed a break (as I'm sure they did"  Overall everything felt great! Going to try and a full body workout in today or at least hit triceps,biceps, and dead lift (something i need to do more of.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

If you want or have any desire to gain more mass and size you MUST work the entire body! Yes, that means hit the legs! Don't skip squats no matter how tedious they are to you! Having a balanced body is keen to seeing more muscle growth and mass difference. Working legs along with upper body will allow your body to produce more testosterone which will help you see quicker and bigger gains in your workout! And quite frankly who cares if you can bench over 300 pounds if you can't squat more than your bench! Now get to it!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some footage of my chest workout from yesterday check it out!
Had a sick workout today! Drank a Redline energy before the lift and felt like a dime. I hit shoulders,lats and back. Went for a good two hours felt great had no crash, and ultimately was able to push myself to my breaking point. I've been seeing sick gains and can't wait to see more after the end of the summer. I'm getting ready for a competition in October and am working my ass off to place in the Top five! I think that would be amazing to do and achieve! Now I got to get in my cardio and ab workout. CHEERS!