Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 steps to increase your muscle growth

This is everyone's goal, Our society lives by the motto 'bigger is better" well if you live by that then your in the right place. The best way to get bigger actually isn't to workout more but to workout less below I will explain.

1. When you workout everyday your muscles need rest if there not getting rest then they can't grow, But this only applies if you are going to failure. If your not going to failure then your not pressing yourself hard enough. Taking your muscle to failure will breakdown the muscle more and allow it to grow more, but your muscle will need more time to rest so it can grow.

2. Do negative sets. What this you is when you can't do anymore you have someone help you with the weight on the way up, and go very slow on the way down. This rips up the muscle and will make them grow like crazy!

3. Be sure to eat A LOT of protein! A lot of people think they can just eat whatever they want like Penn station, Taco Bell etc. but that's just not the case you need healthy solid protein for your muscles to grow! If your not getting the protein then your muscles wont grow. It's very simple a car doesn't run without gas right? Well same with your muscles they wont grow with out proper fuel.

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