Friday, June 7, 2013

5 easy ways to promote fat burning

1. Cut back on junk food and salty food. READ what you are eating! Labels are there for a reason do not assume that the food is okay to eat check for yourself! Some foods have added sodium etc.

2. Cut back on sodium, to cut back on sodium avoid lunch meat which is injected with sodium and other preservatives to keep it fresh.

3. Eat more meals in smaller quantity. If you eat 6 or more meals this will speed up your metabolism and keep it refurbished. Stuffing your self in 3 meals makes your body work harder with burning the fat, carbs, and calories.

4. Cut back on breads and grains. If your not running a marathon there's no reason to eat a ton of grains. Grains are stacked with carbs and carbs are used as an energy source. If your not doing anything of high intensity then chill out on the carb intake.

5. Drink caffeine and water! caffeine is a natural fat burner and even helps cognitive functions, so be sure to get your cup of java in the morning or when you need a boost! Water is good to keep your system going and alert, keeping your body hydrated will make the fat burning process easier!

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