Friday, March 15, 2013

Andrew Christian Underwear review


Andrew christian makes some of the nicest and most fashionable underwear I know. They have a great selection of color, and are more comfortable than your lazy boy at home. The waste band on the underwear is nice and unique to each of their products. I personally enjoy wearing Andrew christian over other clothing companies because they are highly affordable and  make you look sharp! I wear them in all of my photo shoots, and think you should get a pair so you can impress your friends and or man/lady.


pic from shoot be sure to check out the brand andrew christian

Sexy Men's Underwear Model myself, Brendan photo by Thomas watkin Be sure to check out Andrew Christian; they sell amazing products, which I love to wear and represent.
What's New at Andrew Christian

andrew christian underwear

Andrew Christian Winter Party Graphic 300 x 250

A photo shoot by Thomas Watkin. I'm wearing some of my favorite underwear "Andrew Christian". These underwear are very comfortable and stylish. Be sure to get yourself a pare!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calvin Klein review

First off who doesn't like Calvin Klein? I am personally a huge fan of  Calvin Klein products. I wear tee shirts, jeans, polos, vneck, you name it down to their underwear. That's just what I like. They are very comfortable clothes and have great style so you always look sharp! Though they are a bit pricey the cost is definitely worth the money, as this shirt does not shrink! Next time you go out on the town, Wear a Calvin Klein polo and see what luck you have on the ladies or men. Definitely a must buy in my book.