Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 key steps to weight loss

The three steps to losing weight are what people typically miss, and know it's not diet supplements or even joining a gym. The most important thing to losing weight is your attitude. If you are constantly doubting yourself then you will NEVER lose weight. It's simple psychologically really. Instead talk yourself up and tell yourself you will do it and you will with work lose it! Secondly write down your goals with DATES!!!! I Can not tell you enough how important this is. Buy a day planner or write your goals down in a journal, This way you will stay on top of things and find time to get what you need to get done, DONE! You will have better time management and will be able to prepare yourself better without being rushed etc. Third step is keep working at it and don't quit! Typically the average person quits their workout program after three months! The reason for this, is because they see results and think they will be okay. That is in fact not the case you must continue to workout and continue the healthy life style You can't just hop on board then hop off when you want. That's not how the body works. Now with that being said, I hope you change your attitude, be positive, become better, and ultimately achieve what you set out to do!

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