Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 reasons you shouldn't eat Jimmy Johns

1. Sodium contents are absolutely through the roof! Almost 2,000 MG of sodium in a 12 inch sub, but don't worry there's only approximately 1,000 in a 6inch sub which is only half of your daily value of sodium for the day! YIKES!

2. "Jimmy Johns is made fresh!" WRONG Jimmy Johns is not made fresh the meat sits around along with all of the other products, it's no different than lunch meat from the local deli.

3. MSG products make you hungry! Even after you eat at Jimmy Johns you are still hungry! MSG Monosodium glutamate makes your mouth water more and want more food! As well as pound down your 2 litter of cola.

4. WAY to much fat in each sandwich. For example the Hunter club has 35 grams of fat! Seriously what the fuck? That's way to much fat in one meal. Your only supposed to have around 50 grams of fat (depending on your diet) Good luck meeting that at Jimmy Johns.

5. Way to much saturated fat! Enough for the whole day in one meal. Needless to say unless your planning on doing the workout of the century (which I'm sure your not) then don't eat Jimmy Johns!

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