Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drinks that are healthy

"Healthy" Drinks Vodka mixed with True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade mix (5 calories and All Natural!) 105 Calories...not bad and tastes really good! — deedub113 Lost 60lbs and lowered by cholesterol to an acceptable level from switching form beer to vodka and water. Thank you vodka, thank you. — Strohsx Flavored vodka in club soda. No cals from the mixer, lots of flavor from the booze, which come in so many flavors, the orange or citron ones are the most refreshing I find, but vodka comes in such a wide variety of flavors, its basically like adding a boozy flavor syrup to club soda. — Geo-Therapy Care Fest My go-to drink is a vodka and seltzer with a twist of lime. The lime adds enough flavor to keep it from tasting like watered-down vodka, and I'm not adding any calories with the seltzer. — Philbo A friend of mine introduced me to the "low carb" margarita. Tequila, lime seltzer water, and Rose's lime to taste. Obviously if you use a lot of rose's lime you miss the point - but it tastes great and has buckets less calories than a standard margarita. — magpieshoard My favorite low-cal/low sugar beverages are the diet Cuba Libre (Rum, diet Coke, lime) and the California Margarita (muddled lime wedges, tequila and soda water). Citrus helps your body regulate sugar, so don't forget the lime. — Casey Sears Skinny Bitch is by far the healthiest you can drink in my opinion. Vodka and sparkling water with a twist of fresh lemon. — j.c.noergaard Scotch. With water (or melting ice cubes in summer). Heresy to some, but quite sublime. — BK Phil I LOVE my Gin and Tonics. You can use diet Tonic water and a splash of lime to save on calories over regular tonic. When I'm not drinking gin and tonic, I drink red wines. Another popular drink if you don't like gin is bacardi and diet coke, or bacardi and diet sprite. If you like Vodka, go with a screwdriver or a vodka and sprite or something. Fruit juices have a lot of sugar, but are usually healthy. Cranberry and vodka is also a good option. Just stay away from syrups and pre-packaged mixers like the article suggests. — Shawn Wayne Another suggestion for low-calorie booze-free delicious beverages: soda water with bitters. You can get bitters in all kinds of flavours (my favourite are rhubarb or grapefruit, but I usually stick to the classic Angostura) and you only need a few dashes for serious flavour. If you want it boozy, just add a shot of gin, whiskey, rum, or whatever (vodka would completely evaporate into the flavour of the bitters, if you're into that), and adjust the ratios depending on how much kick you want. I usually just do a sugar-free Old Fashioned. Bourbon, citrus, orange or grapefruit, and bitters. If I'm feeling wild, some maple syrup. — ryanrutley Everyone drinking vodka & soda ... try switching to (good) gin and soda. You'll be happier for it. — cc Gimlets. Gin, ice and a small splash of Rose's Lime. No surgery sodas or anything — Everyday I'm Shuffle A 12-ounce bottle of Guinness Draught will provide 126 delicious calories. — Orion126 No bloody mary love? Tomato ~40/8oz V8 (spicy) ~50/8oz Plus veggie goodness for the blitzed vegans out there. — Bronx or Bust Beer is going to be the healthiest in many cases since real beer contains the same amount of antioxidants as red wine and has actual nutrients, including B vitamins. Of course you have to drink unfiltered beer (so homebrew or some commercially available belgians or hefeweizens). But drinking 150 empty calories of vodka isn't going to be better than drinking 300 calories of beer with actual vitamins and yeast that hasn't been killed. And beer is delicious. — redpensplease Hot Toddy: honey, lemon, hot water or tea, and then the whiskey.

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