Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tips about Running

Running is the best activity a human being can commit to in this life. It is the natural activity of the body. The benefits to the mind, body and soul are more numerous than modern science has yet to conceive.

The benefits on the mind include increased cognitive abilities of concentration, mental speed, mental stability, clarity of thought, and on and on…

The benefits to the body extend to all avenues; especially when running true to nature. Thus running combined with aerobics, dancing, or other agility activities brings running closer to the true natural form. Specific physical benefits include bone density, modest strength (especially in the legs), improved conditioning, regulated breathing, regulated appetite, regulated weight, better heart, better lungs, better intestines, vitality, etc.…

Regardless of religious affiliation, for inspiration, running allows this uninhibited moment moving through the world to be limited only by one’s effort (or capability) with the reward of a pleasant attitude. Furthermore, the instinctual vision and responses during a run require a certain amount of inner self trust; and the more one runs the more comfortable one becomes with this sense of inner flight.

Running is part of the human being’s destiny on this Earth. Even if running is not possible for someone, or if one has already completed a fatiguing run, visualization of running free over the Earth is majestic in and of itself.

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