Friday, October 11, 2013

keeping a thin waist

Instead of stuffing your face for 3 meals spread out your meals and eat LESS! If you make 4-6 meals and cut back the amount of food you typically eat in one sitting and space it out instead, you'll see major improvements in your body. At first sense your accustomed to eating heavily for three meals your going to feel more hungry, but as you continue to move towards the 4-6 meals eating style your body will adjust towards the new diet. The mainstream eating habbit(s) has made the country over weight and fat, Clearly there needs to be a "change" in the diet and the way we eat. Of course the people who promote these eating habits don't care because it's more money in their pocket. This doesn't mean you can't cheat from time to time, but eat according to what you want in life. If your getting your chicken and protein from a fast food joint don't expect a 6 pack and stellar vlines. START TODAY! Don't wait a week or keep putting it off. The more you wait the longer it's going to take to get the beach body you want. Just do it now!

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