Monday, October 28, 2013

mens physique prep

As some of you know I competed in my first men's physique show this past weekend. I had no idea what to expect besides from the youtube clips that I had watched endlessly to get an idea of what actually goes on at a show. Though I didn't place I learned a lot from the experience. It's not about being huge, but lean body mass and technicality of your poses. It's important to do more poses and try to keep a relax state with locked abs. Physique isn't about showing off massive muscles. I did my spray tan the day before the show to avoid the rush in the morning of getting it done at the show. I went with what is called blackout which gave me a very nice color and it wasn't runny like some spray tans do. The show's are also very long and drawn out so if your planning on doing one be sure to bring things to do or work on because your only on stage for about 10 minutes if that total. Then the rest of the time is sitting around waiting for other parts of the competition to get done. We had a 4 hour break in between our the pre-judging and the night show which I thought was crazy. I'm not sure if other competitions do that or if it was just the show That I went to. As far as dieting the last week I did pretty low carbs kept it around 100. Then the day of the show I carbed up ate a lot of brown rice to fill out. Also ate some fruit before going on stage to help dilate veins. All in all there's not one way of doing a show and prepping for it. The best way to get ready for one is to practice your poses that's more important than having more size. If you don't have the poses down and don't know which angles you look good at you will lose it doesn't matter how ripped you are or how good you look. The other thing to keep in mind is go with what you know. Don't change your routine because someone else is doing it differently. It's more important to be confident and go with what you typically do so you don't mess up. And even if you do mess up so what at least you had the balls to go up their and compete which so many people will NEVER do. I think that takes a lot of courage to go up there and show off your body to a crowd no matter how you think body looks. At least YOUR doing it. No one can take that away from you. Just go out there and have fun and if you don't place so what? There's tons of other shows that you can go to and prove yourself at.

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