Thursday, October 17, 2013

The benefits of Meditation

Mediation is something that a lot of society today has gotten away from. Mediation allows you to clear your mind from all of the crazy stuff going on in your life and just get away from the continuous bombardment of ads and other useless garbage that people sell us with. Mediation is simple and it only takes 30 minutes of your time to get it's "full effects" I enjoy mediating every morning when I wake up. I typically do my stretching routine and then relax and close my eyes. Sometimes I'll play frequencies or relaxing music to help relax, but I think it's better to be alone with your thoughts. It appears today that we have a problem with facing ourselves and that's why we listen to music, TV and whatever else you want to add to the list to get away from ourselves. The problem is you will have to face yourself and your thoughts sooner or later. Might as well as cope with them what you don't like and what you like and mix them together like a painting to create what you want. Mediation is often linked to the Buddhist religion which is purely self and spiritual. People tend to rely on false people as "Gods" and blame "Gods" for their problems. God has turned into a scape goat in many ways. If that's what you have to do that's fine there's nothing wrong with believing in "God" but get in touch with yourself before you seek others in guidance. Give it a try and see how it helps you with stress and the craziness in your life.

Be what you want to be, do what you want to do, speak to who you want to speak to. The only thing holding you back is yourself you can't set limits. When there's limits then there's doubts.

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  1. This tranquillity helps you to focus your mind and eliminate the tangle of jumbled thoughts that crowd your mind and contribute to stress. You learn to focus your mind and your attention on clearing your mind, if you have already started to practice meditation and you are finding this difficult - don't worry. It gets easier with practice.

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