Saturday, October 19, 2013

building the chest

The first thing people want to do when they hear about working out the chest is bench press. Yes, bench press is a nice way to build your chest muscles, but the more variation of exercises you do the better. A solid chest workout consists of dumbbell bench press because it gives more focus on the pecs and helps with your balance and keeping the weight stabilized. Another is incline bench, incline bench focuses more on the inner pecs. Cable cross overs are another good exercise to do. your flexing your pecs and moving the arm motion helps build the entire chest muscle. Another good exercise for the chest is dumbbell fly's. Dbell fly's will risk you to injury because of the range of motion but, it works the chest far more than cables and other chest exercises because of the motion. just standard push ups is also great to add to your chest workout for more endurance and just an overall old school way to build your chest. People often leave push ups off their routine, but after a brutal workout push ups are a great way to end it.

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