Friday, June 1, 2012

Just a quick hit on fat burners and why You may think they work.
Fat Burners:
Supplement Companies spend millions of dollars each year to have Professional Level physique athletes, who have dieted themselves into oblivion, have been colored up, shined up and subject to high level professional photography, stand in a magazine add touting the latest fat burner as being their key to success. If you're foolish enough to believe that, you and your money are better off apart anyway.

OTC fat burners are useless. People usually think they work because they are dieting while taking them and they see that they lost weight. Well, Holt S***! Isn't that a marvel of modern physiology. You ate less, worked out and lost weight. must be that hydroxycut you took.

Don't waste your money. The only metabolism altering drugs are not legal and, even if they were, have risks' and do nothing for you that a little extra diet time wont.

There is no angle, magic pill or salvation in a vial. Diet, training, consistency and patience. That is the only thing that works. If you don't believe that, prepare for failure.
It's 70% about your diet everything you need can be obtained naturally, it will just take a bit longer with hardwork and dedication.

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