Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you do your cardio before or after your workout? Studies have shown that doing cardio after your workout will promote more human growth hormone and allow you to build more muscle than doing it before your workout. Not to mention you get a better lift since you have more energy and aren't as tired. DUH right? well people tend to do their workout earlier. Though it's good to get a nice run in early before your day starts. It is more beneficial to your body to get it done later after you do your workout. 

Doing (HIT) high intensity training your body also will see much better results such as more fat burning, more calories being burned, and more muscle mass being created. If you do long distance jogs you will not burn as much because your body will get used to the training and develop a tolerance overtime so it will take longer to burn fat and calories. Do what works best for you and what you feel, but personally I have seen much better results from sticking to these simple rules, but everybody s body is different.

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