Friday, January 4, 2013


It's truly amazing how many people go around accusing, assuming, and attacking others based on their own interpretations and not by what or who the person really is and or does! So many people seem to have such an issue with everything everyone else does, but they never take time to look at themselves and critic their own actions, thoughts, and feelings! Wouldn't it be amazing if people would worry about themselves, and stopped going around trying to make everyone else believe, think, and feel as they do (as if they are some God send to us all, and know the only way there is to find inner peace even though they themselves lack it)! So in other words worry about your freaking self, and stop assuming you know me or anyone for that matter! Maybe if we all started to worry about ourselves and leading by example (not just talking about it, and acting like we are), then others would follow too and we could begin to create the peace most of us seek. The only way peace will ever exist is once we start to worry about changing ourselves for the better, and then we can begin to change the world for the better by working together.

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