Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 simple steps to burn calories and looking slim

1. Studies have shown that eating spicy foods can actually rev up your metabolic rate and cause more calories to be burned. So the next time you want to go out for Indian food, order spicy!

2. If you can eat small snacks like nuts, fruits, and veggies throughout the day, it will boost your metabolism and actually help you burn more calories.

3.  Walking is one of the most simple ways to burn some extra calories in our everyday lives. It's suggested that you spend at least 30 minutes everyday walking or doing some kind of exercise that keeps you moving!

4. A study showed that people who are deficient in vitamin D lost weight more slowly than those who had sufficient amounts in their systems. So start taking those vitamins!

5. People need sleep! If you don't get enough sleep, especially over long periods of time, the body's metabolism slows down (which means it's harder to burn calories). So make sure to treat yourself to a couple extra hours of sleep! (Most people should have between 7-9 hours a night).

Take advantage of these five easy steps to burning calories, Learn to rule your body with an iron fist! Take control of your life and what you can control. (eating habits, working out.)

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