Saturday, October 27, 2012

L-arginine facts

L-arginine is great for pre-workout it's the supplement that is in every pre-workout. This is what get's you those big vascular veins to pop out and gives you the pump you want!  I usually use 3-5 grams several times a day, but don't go over 10 grams. Also don't mix with other amino acids because it may compete with other amino acids. Here is a list of facts  L-arginine is good for!

Health Benefits of L-Arginine in Human Nutrition

  • For reproductive system

  • For sexual performance and sexual health

  • For erectile dysfunction

  • For cardiovascular system

  • For circulation

  • For blood pressure and cholesterol

  • For metabolization of nitric oxide

  • For long term memory

  • For sports performance

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