Thursday, August 29, 2013

Start with a Positive Mind

People often seek motivation which there's nothing wrong with it, but remember your wasting time looking at nice pictures with nice quotes. you could be doing your workout now! Everything you need is in your head just go and do it. What's stopping you? YOURSELF! It's your choice to get off the computer and hit the gym, It's your choice to sit on your laptop and eat bad food. You can't blame it on anyone else but yourself. Your health is all on you and no one else! This is why I like fitness you determine what you want to workout, Everyone else that doesn't have their ideal body is just cheating themselves or over doing things. People think they can go to the gym everyday and work the same muscles. You can't! Your not superman you need sleep and you need rest! You need nutrients to keep the body going and healthy otherwise your body will start to dwindle and fatigue. If you don't like working out alone find a friend or if you don't have any just make up a evil twin that constantly tells you that you can't do it. What better way to be motivated than to have someone say your not capable to do it. This is probably the biggest driving force for me. I love telling myself I can't do something then prove myself wrong. It's reverse psychology! Some people quit when they hear negative comments and those are the people that fail in this world! People constantly criticize, judge and hate. That's life feed off that negative energy instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Lots of people feel sorry for themselves and that's why they will never be better than average. That's why they will never be anything more than ordinary. Those are the ones that make excuses, those are the ones that try to tear others down that achieve what they want to be. Now go and get what your worth!

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