Friday, July 19, 2013

Love, peace and Aesthetic

I say these three words because it is important for the self to not only build their body, but also build their inner peace. When working out I get a sense of peace with myself. I can take out the days stresses on weights or when I go on a run. A lot of people look at running negatively and think "OH, this is going to suck." Think of it as a chance to embrace the beauty of Earth at a faster than walking pace. You can speak to yourself to push yourself to the limits that you made or go beyond those limits that you and we create. It's an amazing thing, when you believe the pain you feel from a workout isn't real what you can achieve (obviously as long as you don't hear muscles tearing and bones being crushed by the hammer of God.) Pun. It's important to love ourselves and recreate ourselves into something new, being through reading and gaining knowledge, gym or both. Showing Compassion towards other's is important because it shows we have feelings and care about whomever it may be, family, friends etc. The purest of intentions fault sometimes and you can't get discouraged by failure. Failure is simply a learning curve and tells us that we need to make adjustments to surpass failure. The fire will always burn within and it eventually burns through and that's when you have brush yourself up and make adjustments to gain your desires. Just because the temple topples over doesn't mean you can't bring the pieces back together.

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