Monday, July 29, 2013

Blast your abs with 4 simple exercises

People always ask "how do you get abs." Well here is a simple workout for you to do to get abs visible. Of course a lot depends on your diet, but this should kick start your abs into a new direction. If you want your body to grow it will, a positive attitude is keen to building a lively body. If you think it will, it will. Simple don't wish for abs to appear do the work put in the time sweat and be consistent with the workout. Muscle confusion is good because if you do the same routine over and over your body will adapt to it so keep trying new exercises and workouts. This is just an sample of what I do on certain days. It's not complexed at all and not very time consuming. So give it a go. Things take time, so don't just quit, keep at it.

1. 3 sets of 10 sitting down trunk twists
2. 3 sets of 10 weighted situps
3. 3 sets of 10 straight bar leg outs on bench press
4. 3 sets of 10 weighted toe touches

Using weights versus not using weight well make the abs grow more, after all abs are muscles much like the bicep. If you use weight it will force toe abs to grow, but this means the abs will need rest as well like any other muscle group.

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