Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ideas make the mind run wild

Lot's of stuff in the works, Lots of ideas. Maybe to many ideas. nah, One can never have to many ideas... I'm currently trying to gain weight while gaining as little fat as possible, so far I see great improvements in muscle mass. My goal ideal weight is to get up to about 210-220 while staying extremely fit with low BF percentage. You'll see why later on. As summer approaches I plan to get into some mixed martial art's and learn a few things there.
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(for more reasons that will be explained at a later time) I'll be gearing up for another shoot as well as soon as school is completed this May, where I hope I'll FINALLY receive my diploma. (round of applause thank you, thank you don't wear yourself's out. you can sit down now. Once summer hit's I plan on getting certified in life guarding and hopefully will get good hours so I can chill pool side and cash 12.00$ an hour checks. Maybe toss some duck shit in the pool and shut it down. Then I can soak up the sun in peace and silence. It's nice to be king of the pool eh? Depending on how much weight I gain, i'll embark on another endeavour which will be announced at a later time. What do i plan on doing with my money? Well I plan on saving up, and getting the fuck out of Ohio as soon as possible. Where to you ask? Well I plan on going south. No income tax and plenty of sunshine. you all are probably wondering why the hell I would ever want to leave Ohio because it's so awesome and amazing. Well, nothing good ever happens in Ohio, The good "product's" of Ohio, get the fuck out of Ohio.

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That's really all I got for now, until then you can enjoy these pictures..

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