Thursday, January 30, 2014

cellucor NO N-zero extreme REVIEW

I went to GNC after class with a friend of mine in search of "white flood", but settled with Cellucor. First off I've never used a Cellucor product, but saw this had the most sales and (gnc didn't carry white flood) so, I went ahead with NO N-zero extreme. Overall it's a decent product it, I got a sick pump with it, but my wallet got devastated for the pump. The product was 64$ and some change. Which is way to expensive for a 30 serving tub. Also there's not enough ingredients in it to do anything spectacular. I started off taking two scoops and felt pretty solid, nice pump, good energy and great focus. The taste was amazing it kind of tasted like the old "tang" drink. Overall I would give the product a 8/10 for the first day, I will continue to do a log until the tub is gone.

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