Sunday, August 19, 2012

know your body

Guys that haven't trained natural for long enough usually are not in tune with there bodies enough to get the full effect of cycles (supplements). These are usually the guys that say, I am not sure if its working, or confuse muscle soreness for pain or injury. If you have been training for years natural you basically know your recovery time and you can tell changes in your body that happen like bloat, recovery and intensity that occur just from a bad meal. Being in tune with your body on a natural level will let you get so much more out of using any drug or even dietary supplements.

After having a bad weekend of to much food and drink and too little sleep I can notice my training suffer for days while my body recovers. On the same note I know exactly what to do when trying to recover after said mistake. That took years of fiddling with my body, what I eat and how I train. When people ask you how you look like that and what did you do, you simply say good diet, work out, get sleep rinse and repeat for 6-10 years. That usually throws them off.

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